Youth Decays

by That Dream Was Our Life

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released November 22, 2016



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That Dream Was Our Life Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am a wallaby

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Track Name: Nothing You've Lost Is Ever Truly Gone
I could swallow all my pride
Surrender all my bitterness
I could always compromise
I could carry all the debt

Is it ever really going to stop
Is it ever really going to change
Is it ever going to be okay

I knew it from the very start
Something I could not forget
That you could always break my heart
I knew it from the day we met

Is it ever really going to stop
Is it ever really going to change
Does it ever really go away
Track Name: La Passe
I wish that I could put you on a plane so I could see you
I wish that I could put the fire out inside my brain
Cause all I do is miss you
A grindcore show in downtown Montreal
Anarchist books & crusties line the walls
Garçons et filles in the pit
Scream about French Canadian politics
& I don't understand a word at all

Second sunrise spent in Montreal
A piano at the top of mont Royal
The city wakes in starts & fits
A future we can't predict
& I can barely see it through the fog

When you look into the California night
Do you see a spectrum full of stars
Does it feel like heaven & all of its heavenly delights where you are
Or does it feel like a shadow that follows but never changes form
I turn my face to the sun & it's almost like your warmth
Track Name: Youth Decays
There's evil that you know
A heaven that you don't
How far you gonna fall when it's out of your control
Are you caught up in a storm
Does it toss you like some tiny stone
Every time you're lost you face the dark alone

People that you know with intentions that are good
Break your heart with words like "It all happens as it should"
She said "Dreaming is easy, the hard part's jumping in"
I said the hard part is surviving with no way to make amends

My life went up in flames on a bridge around me
It flashed before my eyes & left me wanting
Beauty fades, desire changes
Youth decays & friends become strangers

When I dream of you it's over way too soon
It fades faster than it should
When I dream of you it feels bigger than the moon
It aches longer than it should
When I dream of you it's never quite as good as when I'm with you
Track Name: A Wild Pack Of Dogs
A wild pack of dogs keeping me at bay
Always keeping you an arm's length away
I'm pounding on the walls, I'm pulling on the chain
That tightens on my dreams & choking me awake

I'm sleeping in the car, a drop in mercury
The California in my heart can't be measured in degrees
I'm opening the doors, I'm letting in the strays
I'm heading down the coast & laughing all the way

Some of them move on, some are still afraid
Spring is almost gone & summer's on the way
Some of them are found when they've been led astray
Some of them are doomed to make the same mistakes

Don't make the same mistakes
Track Name: Sand Fires
The color in your hair is fading like the moon
Strands of prussian blue
Climbing castles & Mt. Vesuvius

Take me away before I stay too long
While I'm still holding on
Before I know what's gone

Am I the one who's supposed to be responsible
For being the stubborn obstacle
The joke at the end of a popsicle

Take me away before I stay too long
Before I know what's wrong
Before the clouds return

The valley's on fire tonight
It's burning like your smile
How can I make things right
When I'm always telling you goodbye